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Our package includes:

  • Premium¬†Design
  • WordPress website
  • SEO setup.
  • Custom Contact Forms (as per your requirements)
  • Multi-Level Menu
  • Unlimited Color
  • Custom Website Development.
  • Modern Mobile Friendly design
  • and much more…


Nearly everyone in today’s digital world is connected to the Internet in some form to meet their entertainment, education, research, and consumer requirements. Because of the widespread use of the Internet, businesses of all sizes now have an online presence in the form of a website.

If your company does not yet have a website, it is likely that it is not operating to its full potential. Having a website can give a lot of advantages to your company that you may not be aware of.


Benefits of having a website

  1. Cost effective

When compared to print advertising, online advertising is less expensive and allows you to make adjustments on the fly if you use a content management system (CMS).

Cost Effective


  • Wider Audience Reach

A business Website, unlike a local brick and mortar location, broadcasts your company’s profile around the world, allowing for increased exposure and revenues due to a larger demographic reach.


  • Business Credibility

If you have a professional looking and user-friendly Website, consumers will likely have a greater chance of considering your business credible over companies who either do not have a Web presence, or have a poor Website presence.

Business Credibility


  • Around-The-Clock Availability

Having a website gives your customers access to products, information, and other services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This type of service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, generates far greater earnings than a regular shop.


  • Consumer Convenience

In addition to the previously mentioned benefit, being able to meet the demands of customers at any time of day or night provides further convenience, allowing them to get items and information whenever they need it.

Consumer Convenience


  • Increased Sales

When it comes to getting clients for a business, exposure is crucial. Increased sales are more likely with a functional website with exceptional content.


  • Targeted Marketing

A well-planned website can efficiently attract the audience you’re looking for. Now that you understand why having a website is critical for your business, contact a professional web design firm to get a business-friendly website.

Terms & Conditions

Products/ Services:

  1. Hosting and domain name is not included inside the package.
  2. If customer choose hosting their website on our server, Rs3000 per year will be charged for hosting the website. In this case, control of hosting will be with us.
  3. The website will be created on WordPress, no website will be provided on PHP or any other code based technology.
  4. In case of any service, full payment is to me made in advance. Ainitosh Solutions is liable to provide you quality service on time.
  5. After completion of the service, certificate of completion will be signed by both the company and the client.



  1. Payment of course will be in advance.
  2. It is not mandatory to work on live project. It will be student’s choice to choose live project for not. Industrial training certificate will be provided only on completing live project.
  3. Domain name and hosting will not be provided by the company.


This service will cover:

  • 5 page WordPress website
  • Ecommerce compatibility.
  • Premium Theme
  • Premium Plugins
  • 1 year free maintenance
  • Listing on Google Search
  • 2 Contact forms
  • Testimonials
  • 1 Gallery
  • Portfolio

2 reviews for Business Website

  1. Shaliesh Mani Pandey

    I have been working with them since 2015. They are providing the best in class services at very affordable costs.

  2. Dilip Pasari

    They have created my website is very less time in very affordable cost.
    I recommend their services personally.

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